What is the EPO-90?
EPO-90 is a liquid powered Emergency Power resource. It is able to produce 5V about 2-3 hours and able to charge gears with USB connector.
Where can I use it?
You can use it everywhere, in every emergency case when you need power. EPO-90 is portable and it is operating by its own energy source (SWES Energy Cell). You don’t need any wired power supply and it is independent of weather conditions. It can be used between minus 20 up to plus 50 degrees.
How does it operate?
It is very easy! You have to put down the bottom part of EPO (called “cup”) and fill it with liquid. For the first 2 time it is operating by any kind of liquid, after it you need liquid which contain ions, for example salt-water.
How many times can it be used?
More, than 100 times.
What is the recommended time of usage?
About 2 hours at one time.
What kind of devices can EPO-90 charge?
EPO-90 consists an USB type A-female interface with 5V 330mA output voltage and it is compatible with all A-type USB device. It can charge mobile phones, GPS devices, e-book reader, USB light.

EPO-90 includes a SWES Energy Cell which comprising an anode and a cathode. The electric power will be generating with the flowing through electrolyte liquid by the energy cell.

Can I improve the output performance?
Yes, you can connect up to 4 EPO-90 to improve the output power to 1300mA.
How much mineral salt occasionally needed?

Approx. 3% mineral mixture required. The EPO-90 container should be filled with 300 ml of liquid, approx. 10 grams of mineral salt should be added.


What maintenance does it need?
After using EPO90 you have to wash it with sweet water and let it drain.
Is it possible to change the Energy Cell?
When the Energy Cell goes wrong it is possible to change it. (It is about after 100 usage.)
What kind of fluid it can operate with?

EPO-90 has been developed to be able to operate (with the exception of acids and alkalis) with any oil and fat-free liquid.

How long is the guarantee period?

25 years standby guarantee and 1 year standard guarantee.

Where is it produced?
EPO-90 is produced in the European Union.
What are the measurements of EPO-90?
It’s about 16cm heigh and 11cm wide.
Does it have any negative effects on health or on the environment?
No, the EPO-90 doesn’t have any negative effects on your health or on the environment.
What is the difference between EPO-90 and the solar cell powered powerbanks?
The EPO-90 is independent of the weather conditions: you can use EPO-90 also in the dark, you don’t need any sunshine to operate it.
Where can I order my EPO-90?
From 4th of February 2019 EPO-90 will be available on Indiegogo. Please, contribute our crowdsourcing project and choose a perk contains EPO90.