Lab tests

laboratory tests

EPO-90 is powered by the SWES Energy Cell. It produces ready to use, clean and stable electric power with ionized liquid in an environmentally friendly way.

The SWES Energy Cell includes an energy cell which comprising an anode and a cathode arranged in the inner space with a spacing suitable for receiving an electrolyte liquid.

The electric power will be generating with the flowing through electrolyte liquid by the energy cell. The anode and cathode pole in the Energy Cell pass through the liquid electrolyte, a process due to free ions in the electrolyte is cast themselves in the energy. The SWES® EnergyCell don’t generate any environmentally harmful substances and it increases the electrolyte’s PH.

The technology of the SWES Energy Cell is patent protected.

The materials, chemical reactions of the SWES Energy Cells were tested in laboratory.

Summary of the main test results:
✓ While using the SWES® EnergyCell it did not generateany environmentally harmful substances.
✓ During the chemical reaction of the SWES® EnergyCell,Hydrogen gas emerges from the electrolytes.
✓ SWES® EnergyCell’s chemical reaction increases electrolyte’s pH to 10.2.
✓ During the chemical reaction, SWES® EnergyCell’snegative (anode) side,was continuously oxidized and dissolved.
✓ SWES® EnergyCell’spositive (cathode) side polarizes during the chemical reaction (saturated with hydrogen). SWES® EnergyCell’s positive (cathode) side is depolarized in the air and can be reused

Certification – Laboratory Tests April 24th 2018

Certification – Prof. Dr. Kukovecz, Department of Applied and Environmentel Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Informatics, University of Szeged

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